How to talk super to build stronger relationships with your employees

If you are lucky enough to have had an employer in your life who has helped you understand and maximise your super, you’ll probably retain a good memory of that employer more generally.

Super is part and parcel of life at work and super related conversations are a natural fit for the workplace. Employers can play a significant role in bringing super to life for their employees and in doing so they can improve their relationships with employees and build the integrity of their workplaces.

Superannuation is an intrinsic part of your responsibilities as an employer. But it’s more than just an obligation. Many employers who see super as a necessary evil are missing the fact that super is a great benefit of employment and that your whole workplace can achieve more if you are able to help your employees to appreciate and maximise their super. Providing your employees with proactive support and information on their super offers you a unique opportunity to forge stronger relationships with them and to nurture a happier and more sustainable workforce.

Unfortunately, many employers feel they have an inadequate level of knowledge about super. They may be intimidated by its technical aspects or by having to stay up to date with legislation. Their lack of confidence in their super knowledge means they avoid discussing super with their employees and they miss out on the goodwill they can build when superannuation is a positive and familiar topic of conversation in the workplace.

What do you talk about when you talk about super?

You are the source of your employees’ superannuation contributions so they will probably regard you as their natural first port of call when they have questions about super. If you’re satisfying only the most basic requirements, you’re simply giving employees information about your contributions and giving them information about their choice of fund. Beyond this point though, there are other conversations about super that you can have with your employees.

You can go the extra mile by facilitating education on topics such as extra contributions and salary sacrifice, investment choice, insurance, savings adequacy and retirement income options. And, you can help employees to access professional financial advice, which will be invaluable to them in considering all their super and retirement income options.

Your employees will thank you for it. It will add an extra dimension to their employment within your business and it will support them in planning towards their life after work.

Managing the direction of your super conversations

Some employers avoid discussions about superannuation with their employees because they’re wary of providing personal advice that they are not qualified to provide and they’re fearful of any corresponding legal liability. It’s good to be mindful on this point and your super fund can explain the areas of conversation that are not appropriate for you to enter into. 

You’re not allowed to provide personal advice to an employee on strategies or products they should adopt in relation to their super; however you can provide them with factual information that will help them to make a decision.  For example, you can explain the difference between salary sacrifice and after tax contributions to your employees, however you cannot tell them which method is right for them. For financial product advice and personal advice, you can refer your employees to GuildSuper.

How to champion super at your workplace

There are myriad tools and sources of information available to support you in making super a higher profile topic of conversation at your workplace. GuildSuper will be able to support you in all sorts of ways you may not have considered. You can ask us to deliver workplace presentations to your employees on a range of superannuation topics or you can ask us to provide you with information to distribute to employees. You can also refer your staff to the Fund’s online tools – which include calculators that are easy to use.

And most importantly – if you have gaps in your own super knowledge GuildSuper can be a great help. We are only a phone call away and are happy to bring you up to speed on any and all aspects of super.

GuildSuper can help you

To request a workplace visit or presentation call GuildSuper on 1300 309 882.

You’ll find a wealth of super information and tools in the GuildSuper Learning Centre.

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