Why GuildSuper?

At GuildSuper, we recognise the challenges that Australian women face when it comes to saving for retirement. Find out why over 60,000 SUPER humans have chosen us to look after their superannuation savings.

We work for women

85% of our members are female so our super products, insurance cover and services are specifically designed to support women.

Virtual Care

Access a range of medical and health services at no extra cost.


Get extra contributions to your super fund every time you shop with our member rewards program.

How super works

You'll start earning superannuation from the first day you enter the workforce. Throughout your working life, your employer will pay you 11% of your ordinary wage and your super fund will invest that money on your behalf to grow your savings. In Australia, this is mandated by the government, to help ensure everyone has a comfortable retirement, which is pretty cool!

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A super option for every stage of life

We have investment options based on your life stage. They are designed to grow your super as you grow older, so you have the best balance possible when you retire. There are three life stages:


Building Lifestage

25 - 59 YEARS

Growing Lifestage


Consolidating Lifestage

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As a GuildSuper member, you’ll have online access to your account so you can manage your super whenever and wherever you want. Once you've joined, simply register for online access via the membership portal.

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Mobile app

You can keep your super account in your pocket with the GuildSuper mobile app. The app lets you view your account balance, fees, transactions and more on the go.

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Join as an employer

We help over 22,000 employers meet their superannuation obligations. Making contributions to your employees' super is SUPER easy with our secure online payment solution.

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