Manage your super

Understand what to do when you get a new job, need to update your details, or need access to your super.

Find and combine your super

Check if you have accidentally (or on purpose) become a member of more than one super fund and consider combining all your money in one place.

Changing jobs

Did you know when you change jobs you don’t need to change super funds? It’s SUPER easy to stay with GuildSuper.

Nominate a beneficiary

Make sure you know how to nominate a person, or people, to receive your super balance in the event of your death.

Access your online account

We’ve made it SUPER easy to keep track of your money, all through your online account.

Setup mobile app

View your account balance, transactions, fees, and more, all in our simple to use app.

Grow your super

Discover how to make extra contributions to your super and you could set yourself up for a great retirement.

Early access of your super

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and you might need access to your super early. Here’s everything you need to know.

Ready to be become a GuildSuper member?