What We Do

At GuildSuper we look after the retirement savings for those who look after others.

Our superannuation products, insurance cover and services have been designed for those who work in the pharmacy sector, veterinary and allied health industries. We are guided by our dedication to helping members afford the best possible life after work.

At GuildSuper, we are committed to providing personalised assistance to our members as well as their employers. As part of the Guild Retirement Fund, overall we look after the superannuation savings of more than 75,000 members and help more than 16,000 employers meet their superannuation obligations.

Benefits for Members

  • Solid investment returns
  • Competitive fees and charges
  • Personal assistance
  • Great value insurance
  • Advice on your super account at no extra cost
  • Regular communications and online learning
  • No commissions paid to financial advisers

Benefits for Employers

Our employers enjoy substantial time saving from the use of our administration systems, to the comfort of knowing that their staff are invested in a proven fund that delivers.  To find out more go to our employer overview.

Our History

GuildSuper has been in operation for more than 15 years. Set up to provide superannuation services to pharmacists, the Fund has grown to represent many professions that offer caring services to the community.

Our Values

As part of the Guild Group, we live and breathe our corporate values

  • Commitment to Customers.  We deliver the highest standards of service and solutions that are valued by our customers and clients.
  • One Team.  We build collaborative and productive relationships, and we strive to achieve team goals.
  • Performance.  We consistently deliver to our objectives, and always contribute our best so that we grow and are successful.
  • Creativity.  We improve what we do and how we do it, and we have ideas for solving problems.

Board, Policies and Disclosures (SIS Act s29QB website information)

Guild Trustee Services Pty Limited (GTS) is the trustee for the Guild Retirement Fund (GRF), which includes GuildSuper, Child Care Super and GuildPension. It is the Trustee's responsibility to operate the Fund in the best interests of members and their beneficiaries.

Guild Trustee Services Pty Limited. ABN 84 068 826 728. AFS Licence No. 233815. RSE Licence No. L0000611 as Trustee for GuildSuper and Child Care Super. Fund Reg No. R1000030 ABN 22 599 554 834.

Our People

Executive Officer and Director movements:

Antony Jarvis - Appointed on 19 September 2014 
Gary McGrath -Retired on 21 June 2016
Robert Andrew Bloore - Appointed on 1 September 2016
Linda Margaret Jenkinson - Appointed on 1 September 2016
Theresa Mills – Retired on 18 November 2016
John Barrington - Retired on 31 December 2016
Alice Williams - Retired on 31 December 2016
Greg Everett - Appointed on 8 May 2017
Sharon McNeill - Retired on 13 November 2017
Sam Horskins – Retired on 1 December 2017
John Robinson – Appointed on 13 March 2018
Tim Logan – Retired on 7 March 2018
Ian Todd – Retired on 7 March 2018
Nick Panayiaris – Appointed on 7 March 2018
Adj A/Prof Trent Twomey – Appointed on 7 March 2018



Policies and Disclosures 

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
GTS Constitution (April 2011)PDF156.44 KB10 May, 2016 Download
Annual Financial Statements 2016PDF645.22 KB27 Oct, 2016 Download
Summary of the Conflicts Management PolicyPDF114.66 KB27 Oct, 2016 Download
Director and executive officer remuneration 2014/15PDF223.91 KB10 May, 2016 Download
Director and executive officer remuneration 2015/16PDF102.22 KB20 Dec, 2016 Download
Proxy Voting Policy & Proxy Voting Summary 1 July 2016PDF190.05 KB12 Sep, 2016 Download
Guild Retirement Fund Annual Report 2016PDF2.43 MB02 Dec, 2016 Download
Guild Retirement Fund Trust Deed (Consolidated) PDF627.01 KB21 Feb, 2017 Download
Service Providers (January 2017)PDF121.59 KB06 Apr, 2017 Download
August 2017-GTS Board Renewal PolicyPDF327.33 KB25 Oct, 2017 Download
GTS Director and Executive Officer Remuneration 2017PDF229.12 KB27 Oct, 2017 Download
Annual Financial Statements 2017PDF2.36 MB17 Nov, 2017 Download
Guild Retirement Fund 2017 Annual ReportPDF3.65 MB03 Jan, 2018 Download
GTS Director qualifications and experience May 2018PDF100.42 KB18 May, 2018 Download
GTS Register of Relevant Interests and Duties May 2018PDF362.05 KB18 May, 2018 Download
GTS Executives qualifications and experience May 2018 PDF366.32 KB18 May, 2018 Download
GTS - Record of attendance July 2018PDF196.09 KB06 Aug, 2018 Download

GuildSuper Product Disclosure Statement and Guides

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
GuildSuper PDSPDF1.03 MB30 Jun, 2018 Download
How GuildSuper Works GuidePDF2.30 MB30 Jun, 2018 Download
GuildSuper Investment GuidePDF2.48 MB30 Jun, 2018 Download
GuildSuper Insurance GuidePDF2.95 MB30 Jun, 2018 Download
Financial Services GuidePDF117.03 KB03 Jul, 2017 Download

Significant Event Notices

The SEN dated September 2017 outlines the changes to GuildSuper effective from 1 July 2017.
The SEN dated March 2017 outlines the changes to Transition to Retirement Pension effective from 1 July 2017.
The SEN dated May  2016 outlines the changes to insurance effective 1 July 2016.
The SEN dated October 2016 outlines the changes to investment managers effective 15 November 2016.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
SEN Aug 18: Default DOB No insurancePDF154.59 KB02 Aug, 2018 Download
SEN Aug 18: Default DOB with insurancePDF159.93 KB02 Aug, 2018 Download
SEN Sep 17: Changes GuildSuper from 1 July 2017PDF237.33 KB01 Sep, 2017 Download
SEN Mar 17: Changes to TTR from 1 July 2017PDF506.44 KB15 Mar, 2017 Download
SEN Oct 16: Investment changes from 15 November 2016PDF122.24 KB18 Oct, 2016 Download
SEN July 16 GuildSuper insurance changes from 1 July 2016PDF578.36 KB23 May, 2016 Download

GuildPension Product Disclosure Statements

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
GuildPension PDSPDF1.05 MB30 Jun, 2018 Download

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